Catch thieves going through your data.

Plant a crypto-wallet amongst your files and get an alert when someone takes the bait.

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Single payment provides service for 10 years. Please read the FAQ in full so you know what you're getting. See what each plan includes.


How It Works

Got some really sensitive data? Perhaps financial or health records, private data, passwords? You think it's on a secure computer and locked away, but how can you be sure? Plant some juicy bait amongst the data, and if any person or virus takes the bait, we'll alert you right away! Here's how it works:

We send you the bait.

We put some cryptocurrency in an innocuous looking wallet file and send it to you. Every customer gets a different file, produced by popular bits of new or old cryptocurrency software.

You put the bait somewhere

Perhaps hide it in your home directory, put it in your backups, or leave it attached to an email on your mail server. Leave it lying around somewhere it might be found by someone nefarious.

A thief takes the bait

Most thieves and automated malware will see an apparently abandoned crypto wallet and steal the money inside by transferring it to themselves. Crypto is like cash - if they don't steal it, someone else might, so thieves will usually take it immediately.

We detect the theft, and alert you

Cryptocurrency transactions are public, so we watch the bait, and will alert you immediately if any is transferred away. We'll monitor for thefts for 10 years as part of the service.

You then know that your security has been compromised

You can take whatever steps are necessary to resecure your data, notify your users, etc. Data loss is bad, but not knowing about data loss is worse.


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Choose Your Bait


$12 for 10 years

We'll put a tiny amount of cryptocurrency in a wallet, but probably still enough to attract the attention of automated scripts. We notify you when it's taken within 24 hours.

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$110 for 10 years

We put a bit of cryptocurrency in the wallet, and occasionally might pay in more or transfer some away to look like a real user. We notify you right away when it's nicked.

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$900 for 10 years

We put a substantial balance in a wallet, usually of deliberately 'aged' coins which come directly from popular exchanges to make it hard to identify this is a baited wallet. We also might add coins from time to time, or encrypt with easy-to-guess passwords. We can notify you with a seperate alert email address if theft occurs.

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Payment Successful!

We'll drop you an email in the next 24 hours with a link to your wallet file (normally much quicker, but at times of high demand we might need to make more wallets!). Didn't get the email? Want a refund? Contact

Refer a friend

Introduce a friend, and we'll pay you

If you introduce a new customer to us, we'll give you 30% of whatever they spend, so spread the word! Here's how it works:

  1. Send us an email saying 'hey I want to be a referrer'
  2. We'll send you a personal referral link.
  3. We pay you 30% of whatever they spend, simple!

Frequently Ask Questions

Feel free to try it yourself - if you steal from yourself you'll get alerted, and if you put the money back, the service will resume.

We get no access to your servers by you using this - you simply save the file we give you in a place you think is secure.

Yes! This is like leaving a $100 note on your kitchen table. Obviously you should still lock the doors and windows!

It varies. To prevent the bait files being easily identifiable, they vary in currency, coin age, software version, file format, file age, and coin history. Some of the formats we will keep actively using after delivering the file to you (to make it look like a real user is still using it), while others will appear abandoned. Some of the files will be encrypted with easy-to-guess passwords (like 'blah', 'password', etc.). They all get the same theft alerting.

We will send an email to you. (for the Business plan, this can go to a separate alerting email address, so you could set it to something which would page/alert the right teams instantly)

Normally immediately, but occasionally it could take up to 24 hours. You will be sent a one-use download link by email.

We aren't a crypto exchange, and don't want to be used like one, so wallets will always begin with around 10% of the purchase price in cryptocurrency in them. For some plans, we might add to or subtract from that, but the total balance will always remain between 5% and 85% of the paid amount (limits determined on day of purchase).

We'll give a full refund if:

  • Theft occurs due to a vulnerability in our systems, or
  • We fail to notify you of a theft, or
  • You ask for a refund in the first 14 days.

We'll give a refund scaled for days of unused service if:

  • We close down, or
  • The wallet file we have provided becomes un-stealable (for example the network fails).

But, we won't give any refund if a theft has already occurred at the time we process the refund. retains ownership of the wallet contents at all times.

Yes. Drop us an email and we'll send you a new file. Note that the new wallet will have a balance matching the next service tier down, however all other benefits remain the same as the service you have paid for.

No. The point of this service is to know bad guys have been rifling through your supposedly private data, not trying to track down exactly who. We will give you details of the theft transaction, and you could try to go after the thieves yourself, but typically tracing where cryptocurrency goes, or getting it back, is very difficult.